Martin Bashir loses mind, then job

It was reported in the December 6 Des Moines Register that MSNBC host Martin Bashir would be leaving his post after the bizarre remarks he made about Sarah Palin. Like a lot of Iowa liberals, Martin Bashir’s head would spin and green pea soup would shoot out of his mouth at the mere mention of Palin’s name. His throat would constrict his voice to a gurgling, demon possessed growl and his face would turn beet red. Saturday Night Live immediately hired him.

In other news, the headline on page 3 of the same paper read, “Milk prices could rise as farm bill cutoff nears”. In no way could market forces ever stabilize themselves on their own. In no way could the laws of supply and demand come to a logical price on milk. Nope, only with the interference from our beneficent overlords in the government can we possibly afford milk. Only then will we ever have milk again, through government action. Face Washington, get on your knees, and bow six times.

Jim Roach

Columbus (2)

[That was so cute Bashir resigning, just like liberals had standards.]

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