“Shoot first and ask questions later” style of police work wins again

aab katrina-small
The ‘Smiling Killer’ ex-cop David Warren

“Jury acquits ex-cop in fatal post-Katrina shooting”, says the December 12th AP article in the Des Moines Register. New Orleans cop David Warren shoots dead an unarmed Henry Glover, another officer burns up his body in a car, and everybody walks! What a country!

“He shot Glover because he thought he saw a gun in his hand” ??? So, a lot of people have guns, the cop had a gun, should he have been shot? Good grief. A lot of these cops have such a pathological fear for their own safety, they would probably be better off being librarians, or some occupation that is completely safe and non-threatening. What did they think they were getting into?

Glover not only was not shooting a gun, he didn’t have a gun!  He was not shooting at the cop!!! Cops seem to always skip those points, A: imaginary guns aren’t a threat, and B: someone needs to actually threaten you before you kill them.

The point being, as in the year just completed, cops kill more unarmed civilians, then armed civilians kill cops. The record is clear, American cops need to be restricted to the same “rules of engagement” as our troops in Afghanistan and Iraq. There, the threat has to be identified and viable, none of this imaginary crap, none of this “I thought” crap. Maybe then it would be safer to walk the streets.

As I have said before, cops used to get the respect of the populace because they took risks with their own safety in order to provide it to others. Today’s cop shoots first and asks questions later. Warren should apply to the Ames PD, they like a good killer.

Jim Roach

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