“12 Years of Valor”

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The Des Moines Sunday Register had a special section today about an Iowa National Guard Unit out of Ottumwa. They talk about the hardships and trials that this unit in particular, and American soldiers in general have faced, that the rest of us can’t begin to imagine.

The Des Moines Register has always seemed just fine with this pointless 12 year war. The Des Moines Register seems just fine with the U.S. being the world’s policeman. The Des Moines Register has never had a problem with an interventionist foreign policy that spends this nation into oblivion by borrowing money from the Chinese, so we can indenture Americans who aren’t even born yet, to send live Americans to go die in the sand, to make Arabs free.

The Des Moines Register has always been just fine with that. Though to me it is really a dumb ass policy.

Criminal really. Heroic stories of dead and maimed Iowans sells papers, but for me, I wish they would work just as hard to get those poor soldiers the hell out of there. I don’t need anymore dead heroes. Let’s try keeping them alive. Figure out another way to sell  your paper.

Jim Roach

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2 Responses to “12 Years of Valor”

  1. Another great post you have written.

  2. Iowa Life says:

    Thanks Barbara, it’s nice to find a kindred spirit. I find it amazing that 2 Presidents, 6 Congresses, and the American people accept the insanity of these wars. I have the feeling that if there was a draft, and the wrong people were getting sent off to die, then we might have change. As it is now, none of the chosen has skin in the game.

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