The beginning of the end?

“It’s now legal to buy marijuana in Colorado”, says the page 5A headline in the 1/2 Register. Good grief. It took until the year 2014 to start taking back some power from the government?

Let’s hope the rest of the States start to fall like dominoes. People have never figured out since this madness started in about 1933, that all the “war on drugs” has done is build up government.

From the courts, to the prisons, to police, all the war on drugs has done has grow government, increase crime, and steal the resources of the people. Oh, or has drug use been eliminated the past exactly 80 years of this war? Does legalizing pot bring the usage into society? Or has it been there all along? Will children suddenly start smoking pot? Or have the ones that were going to do it been doing it all along?

It hasn’t! In actuality, drug use has grown! Hasn’t it? Yeah, you know it has. Whenever government has a “war” on something, it grows. Poverty, terror, drugs, illiteracy. Whenever government tries to overcome the lack of moral authority, with legal authority, it fails. Because in the long run, you can’t overcome natural law.

No one in their right mind is advocating drug use. No one in their right mind is arguing that you don’t damn well hold someone accountable if they kill or maim while driving under the influence. But guess what?

You want to eliminate Mexican drug gangs? Legalize. You want to quadruple your tax base overnight? Legalize. You want to bring it out into the light of day and fight it? Legalize it. Not only will you quadruple the money coming into the government, all that money wasted in the courts, the prisons, and “drug task forces” will evaporate.

Good grief. Think of all the murders that won’t happen over the illegal narcotics trade. Think of all those illegal aliens that won’t have to do mule duty hauling in pot. This is a win – win people.

Jim Roach

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