“Senator Paul says he’s joining lawsuit over NSA policies”

The saga continues. The article on page two of the January 4 DM Register says you can join Rand Paul’s class action suit against the Obama administration and the NSA for spying on you. Yeah… in reality the link is an email list and a donation opportunity to his 2016 Senate reelection committee. http://www.randpac.com/  It’s pretty bad when the future freedom of a nation depends on a $25 donation from me, to Senator Rand Paul’s campaign.

Maybe I’ll pass. You do tend to get more cynical as you get older. It’s funny though, the media sits around waiting with baited breath as one judge declares government spying as unconstitutional, and another declares it legal. Good grief. We are toast. We need a stinking judge to tell you whether or not it is okay? It’s more instinctual for me I guess.

On the opinion page of the same paper was a Register editorial, “Here is one low-flying issue that may buzz past Capitol”. They are referring to drones the government uses to spy on us. The Register finds it all rather passé.

Jim Roach

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