“Woody Allen accusations raise a difficult question”

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Woody Allen and Mariel Hemingway (age 16) during the filming of Manhattan

You knew Allen was going to get a pass, but then when he does, you’re still kind of flabbergasted. The article by Maria Puente in the USA Today for the Register, gives Allen a complete pass. The only thing the article did conclude, was that 1800’s composer Richard Wagner was an anti-Semite. What?? Yeah, point out where some Hollywood type like Allen looks to be a slime ball, and the first thing they do is cry anti-Semitism. Uh, the guy married his stepdaughter (Soon-Yi Previn). He cast a movie where he as a 42 year-old, is involved with a 16 year-old Mariel Hemingway. So now Dylan Farrow accuses Allen of molesting her when she was 7, and it ain’t worth a look? Uh huh. The only thing “difficult” about the accusations, was how to proceed with the cover-up.

Jim Roach

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