“New strategy targets synthetic pot”

In the Saturday March 8 Register, Regina Zilbermints details (sort of) how Iowa law enforcement is going after drugs marketed under the names such as Spice, K2, No More, and Purple Diesel. The Register has been calling these products “synthetic marijuana”. As Jamie Grimm of Ankeny pointed out in a letter to the editor yesterday (Synthetic drug is not the same as marijuana), “spraying man-made chemicals on some random dried leaves and calling it synthetic marijuana” is baloney, the effects on the body are polar opposites. But this is where the irony kicks in. Irony that escapes the media.

In the past weeks the Iowa legislature has been debating the legalization of “medical” marijuana and “recreational” marijuana. Neither of course made it to passage. But the sad thing is, it has been the deaths caused by “synthetic marijuana” that has been making the news. So it is the legal synthetic drugs that are killing people, and the illegal and safe cannabis that the authorities continue to ban! They are completely impotent in banning these deadly bullshit chemical concoctions sprayed on leaves! How is this possible?

We have all heard about beneficial or life saving drugs being held up by FDA testing. We have all heard about someone going to Mexico for cancer treatment because the necessary drug hasn’t been approved for use in the U.S. yet. So how the Sam hell are these other deadly drugs being sold to teenagers? How the Sam hell have they been approved? Those drugs are “proven” to kill people, how the Sam hell is the Iowa Legislature soooo incompetent they can’t ban them???

Am I the only one who gets it? Why are life saving drugs kept off the market, and killers let on the market? Where is the logic in that? We outlaw cannabis, which to my knowledge has never directly killed anyone, and legalize K2 ? What’s up with that? [And what does “FDA approval” get you anyway? Every year it comes out that some previously approved drug is killing or maiming people. What benefit was the “testing”? What good was the FDA seal of approval?]

I would never advocate the use of any narcotic. Not alcohol, not plant, not pill, not powder. But for God’s sake, how long is it going to take the citizenry to wake up and realize they are being taken for a ride by the politicians? Both monetarily and through the limitations of their freedoms. Follow the money.

Jim Roach

Brick Beau (2)

[It is akin to the recent debates about the legalization of firecrackers. It was sparklers in 1933 and 1936 that caused deadly fires, not firecrackers. But which ones does the Iowa Legislature ban? Firecrackers of course!  So if synthetic “marijuana” kills people, and natural cannabis that doesn’t, which one does the Iowa Legislature ban? The safe one! I believe it was a Monday LTE that pointed out that bathtubs kill way more people each year than fireworks.]

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1 Response to “New strategy targets synthetic pot”

  1. Iowa Life says:

    “I consider marijuana the worst of all narcotics, far worse than the use of morphine or cocaine. Under its influence men become beasts… Marijuana destroys life itself. I have no sympathy with those who sell this weed. The government is going to enforce this new law to the letter.”
    — Judge John Foster Symes
    (1878-1951) United States federal judge
    Source: October 5, 1937, when sentencing Samuel R. Caldwell (the first person to be charged under the new Marijuana Tax Stamp Act passed 3 days earlier) to four years of hard labour in Leavenworth Penitentiary, plus a $1,000 fine. Caldwell served every day of his sentence and died one year later after his release.

    “Most marijuana smokers are Negroes, Hispanics, jazz musicians, and entertainers. Their satanic music is driven by marijuana, and marijuana smoking by white women makes them want to seek sexual relations with Negroes, entertainers, and others. It is a drug that causes insanity, criminality, and death — the most violence-causing drug in the history of mankind.”
    — Harry J. Anslinger
    (1892-1975) Assistant Prohibition Commissioner in the Bureau of Prohibition, first Commissioner of the Treasury Department’s Federal Bureau of Narcotics (FBN) (1930-1962, 32 years), US Representative to the United Nations Narcotics Commission

    “We’re in a war.
    People who blast some pot
    on a casual basis
    are guilty of treason.”
    — Daryl Gates
    Los Angeles Police Chief

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