“Stolen passport use rarely monitored”

“Few nations check Interpol; flaw in security exposed”. [3.10.14 USA Today] Let me get this straight, the government that records your every phone call, every email, every text, records where you drive, where you shop, every banking transaction, every website you visit, what city street you walk on, takes pictures of you naked at the airport, how much money you make, who you give it to, has some jackass TSA Agent stick their hands down the pants of 80-year-old grandmothers from Keokuk, THAT same government, 13 years after 911, doesn’t check for stolen passports? What in the Sam hell is going on… we pay the CIA, FBI, NSA, DOD, and TSA gazillions of dollars each year for what?

Jim Roach

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One Response to “Stolen passport use rarely monitored”

  1. James says:

    To masturbate at the naked pictures they take in airports of course!

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