Religion of peace kills again. And again. And again…

“Unarmed people use parasol, stool as shields”, was the title of the article in the USA Today supplement to the Register on Sunday, 3/30. It covers the murderous attack by Muslim terrorists in the Chinese city of Kunming a month ago. You had to read to nearly the end of the article that covered three quarters of a full page before you found out who the murderers were. Very much like what is happening in Crimea, the media tells you what is going on in these events, but they don’t tell you why.

I can’t help think that it is because the why would not fit the narrative of the politically correct history they are trying to create. Reporting the news is not their mission.

Much like in the article literally next to it, Search for jet yields little. It talked about the Malaysian flight that went down with mostly Chinese passengers, that just happened to have a Muslim pilot. Common sense tells you that you never want to mix Muslims and air travel, but that would not fit the history they want to alter and create.

Which is why we have the foreign policy and the domestic policy we do. And that is that we indebt ourselves to the Chinese, so we can send American boys off to die in the sand, to make Arabs free.

Then we immigrate many of these terrorists into our country, give them welfare, and support them, until they are able to kill Americans exactly like they did in the Boston Marathon case.

Jim Roach

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