Yeah, I don’t know why the conservative movement is in trouble…

Okay, so I do. In 1987, the FCC loosened the rules for radio as regards the Fairness Doctrine. This allowed them to have political talk radio from just one viewpoint. Conservative thought soon ruled the airwaves.

As has been pointed out, radio, which does not have the distraction of images, requires the listener to devote full attention to what is being said. Conservative talk radio, even the Republican crap that dominates, makes a modicum of sense, so it passes the logic test. If you have ever heard liberal radio, like NPR, the flaws in their logic scream out at you.

Liberals got waxed in radio. Even the biggest of big guns, Cuomo, Jesse Jackson, it don’t matter. They may work on TV where theater rules, but it don’t work on radio where logic rules. Liberalism appeals to a persons emotions. “It’s for the children! We owe it to our seniors!” Really? Why do you want me to pay for another persons children? Why didn’t those seniors save for retirement? They can’t afford for a differing viewpoint to go out unhindered.

With rebuttal, liberalism falls apart. That’s why liberal groups like CCI in Iowa specialize in shouting people down. On C-SPAN whether it is the speaker or the audience member asking questions, in both cases the liberal will filibuster. With dialogue the liberal is soon cut to shreds. Conservative speakers touring college campuses always get protesters. Mean, speech stopping protesters. Liberals? Virtually nada.

So conservatives own talk radio. What do we get in central Iowa? You know, with that “50,000 watt flame throwing blowtorch of the Midwest! WHO!” Jan Mickelson. Today he spent an incredible amount of time talking about a women’s clothing store that closed down 10 years ago. Other recent discussions on his show included wild critters that seek shelter in your home when it gets cold out. Food items getting stuck in vending machines. How to get the skunk smell out of things. Bottle and can redemption. And drivers in white mini-vans.

Yeah, I don’t know why the conservative movement is in trouble. The liberals own TV. The liberals own print. But we got talk radio!

In the afternoon on WHO you got those lowlifes Simon Conway and Jaime Johnson telling you how bad A.J. Spiker and Ron Paul are. Yeah…

Jim Roach

Brick Beau (2)


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