“Migrant backlash surging in Mideast”

Cairo- “Parties backing crackdowns on immigration are ascending to new heights in Egypt, Syria, Iran and elsewhere in the Mideast by tapping into worries that the open-borders policies of the Mideast are diminishing local culture and costing jobs.”

The above article from the Sunday April 6 USA Today was changed by me to say Mideast instead of European Union. The countries were changed from the original Britain, France, Austria and Switzerland. The way I wrote it, that Europeans were flooding into Mideast countries, is of course silly, absurd and ridiculous.

But we accept it as our duty to allow the reverse. Mideast countries of course would never allow churches to be built in the land of Mosques. They would never allow European immigrants period. Let alone have them turnaround and demand the schools start teaching in English or French, and that Christianity must now be taught in the schools. But that is exactly what is happening in Europe (and parts of the U.S.).

On the Saturday previous on NPR, there was a report about the 5 million Muslim immigrants in France are now demanding dietary changes in the schools based on their religion. Dr. Peter Hammond among others have detailed what happens with Muslim populations as their percentage to the majority grows.

The once aw-shucks friendly immigrant gets pushed by their Mullahs to become increasing strident, then militant and eventually violent. It has been demonstrated in country after country what happens as the thresholds of 2-3 %, 5 %, 10 %, 20 %, 40 %, 60 %, 80 % and 100 %. What starts out as proselytizing grows by steps through demands, into hair-trigger rioting, chronic terror, and eventually ethnic cleansing and genocide as they pass 80 %, as is happening to Christians in the Mideast this very day.

For some reason, Europeans and Americans are incredibly slow learners. Despite telling us for fourteen hundred years that their mission is to “kill the infidel”, we refuse to listen.

Jim Roach

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