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[“Mexican Authorities Arrest Vigilante Leader”, Sunday Des Moines Register 4/6.] Years ago I had read where the people in the interior of Mexico were demonstrating for the right to possess firearms. Their message to the government was, “if you aren’t going to protect us, let us protect ourselves”.

Now 15 years later, they have. The Mexican government was so incompetent and corrupt, the Mexican people in the region of Yurecuaro (Michoacán), got hold of weapons, formed their own vigilante groups and kicked out the drug cartels. Evidently there was some bickering between groups, and THEN the Mexican government steps in to arrest one of the leaders Enrique Hernandez Salcedo.

Doesn’t that about figure? Decades of drug cartels shooting up the landscape and terrorizing the villagers, and the corrupt Mexican government is nowhere to be found. But they CAN be found when it comes time to arrest the vigilantes.

It reminds me of our own outlaw government. They are completely impotent against inner city drug gangs and controlling our borders, but they WILL infiltrate and takedown patriot groups and militias. They can spy on Americans. They can invade our privacy. They can read our emails and listen to our phone calls, but can they stop a Boston bombing? Nope. Can they bust child prostitution rings in the large metropolitan  areas? Nope. Can they bust all those child porn internet sites? Nope. But they can inflate charges against somebody like Randy Weaver and bust him. Stopped a real crime wave there they did.

The governments of Mexico and the United States may be structured vastly different, but the people running them are exactly the same.

Jim Roach

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