Explain Clayton Lockett


So I’m listening to NPR yesterday and the liberals are going bananas over the execution of Clayton Lockett who tortured, raped and murdered 19 year-old Stephanie Neiman. Liberals in the print media, liberals on television, liberals everywhere who want to stop the execution of convicted murderers are going nuts about the death of Clayton Lockett.

Okay… I can buy that, you want the end of incompetent governments maybe executing the wrong person, I get that.

But for God’s sake, if you’re willing to walk over hot coals to stop the execution of convicted murderers, why wouldn’t you try just a little to stop the murder of the unborn? Why are liberals so against executions, and for abortion?

Who could possibly be more innocent or defenseless then a baby? Why do you work day and night, 24/7 to insure the uninterrupted killing of innocent babies, and then work so hard to stop the execution of murderers? I don’t get it. Why is Clayton Lockett so deserving of life, and a baby isn’t? Or Stephanie Neiman?

Jim Roach

Beau Breakfast


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