We must play a role, but hyperactivity helps no one [DM Register 5/1/14] What a concept. Froma Harrop in Thursday’s column left me scratching my head a bit. Harrop is definitely a liberal, and to read her suggestion that America shouldn’t try to remedy all the world’s ills seemed sacrilegious somehow. It is a very small percentage that doesn’t want to see America as the world’s policeman. Liberals and neocons alike want our Army jetting here, and our navy sailing there, building nations and fostering relationships while we bomb some third world cesspool back to the stone age. [I never have figured out how you “nation build” by dropping bombs. Must be ‘smart’ bombs.]

It has only been paleoconservatives and libertarians that wish other nations to solve their own problems, a very small slice indeed. For the most part, since the Civil War we have had an interventionist foreign policy. Spending ourselves into oblivion and crippling and killing our best youngsters. Froma writes; “We must also bear in mind, however, that others are quite happy to have us spend our blood, treasure and prestige fixing their problems.”

I’m staggered. Does she realize what she is saying? Does she realize Pat Buchanan was saying the exact same thing at least 20 years ago? He used the phrase, “Wealth, power and blood… “, but the sentiment is the same. Who in their right blind borrows themselves (actually the next generation) into bondage to the Chinese, then sends their bravest off to die in the sand to make Arabs free? (Actually in bondage to their next set of tyrants.)

Well, when you have the military industrial complex calling the shots for the past hundred years, that aids tremendously the mass psychosis guiding our nation. Follow the money anyone? Even NPR this past week on the program Fresh Air with Terri Gross covered the stupidity of it all with a NYT war correspondent. He stated that Iraq was disintegrating before his eyes during a return trip this past February. Without the U.S as “dealmaker” between factions, they were hopeless. And it was not left unspoken, “What has been the point of the last 12 years?”

When NPR and Froma Harrop are starting to get a clue, is there indeed hope for the idiots running our country to come around? With 5 trillion dollars being a rough round figure commonly agreed upon, and another trillion in interest due to pay for the last two wars, the amount staggers the average brain. What could that money have done here? What could that money have done if it had stayed in the pockets of the taxpayers?

It has occurred to me recently how the government helps itself to maintain this insanity. By having a virtual monopoly on K-12 education, you keep the majority of the voters ignorant and compliant. How else do you explain Grassley? Harkin? King? Just those 3 miscreants are closing in on 100 years of legislative malfeasance. What would the total be if you added up the other 532 members of Congress?

In the myriad way this bunch has crippled this nation, what group of educated voters would keep returning this bunch to Washington? How can you possibly say ‘public’ education has been a success? What sane group of voters would keep electing politicians who have bankrupted a nation and killed and maimed a good many of its youth? This has to be the result of a dumb downed group of graduates of the state run education camps.

In Harrop’s last two paragraphs you can see she doesn’t want to end all the stupidity, she just wants to find the right “balance”. Eh, it’s better than nothing. Pretty soon budget realities will bring an end to this madness and bring on another sort of calamity. That of financial insolvency. Oh yeah, what happened to the draft in all this? Share and share alike?

Jim Roach

Special Ed (2)


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