Gnawin’ on dem chicken bones

Good grief, how long is WHO going to keep that man? Chicken bones? As the world goes to hell in a hand basket, WHO’s Jan Mickelson is talking about chicken bones last week. I question the wisdom in that.

Sure, if you want to point out the stupidity of government funded research, that takes about two minutes, not two hours. A couple of weeks before that it was how critters try to get into your house when it gets cold out. Today it was trying to figure out how best to use his pressure washer around the house.

But I think the real keeper was talking publicly about how Senate candidate Joni Ernst sometimes carries a pistol in a purse, like a lot of women do. Why doesn’t the dumbass tell the world where he carries? How about it Mickelson? Waist? Shoulder? Leg? Small of back? Why don’t we go on for an hour about where to grab your pistol, ya moron. Time for Donnie Dumbass to go.

50,000 watts shooting blanks for 2 1/2 hours. Some blowtorch.

Jim Roach

IMG_4635 root beer

[The important ‘Chicken Bone’ study was from Cornell, detailing how children who consumed said chicken on the bone were more aggressive. As opposed to those who consumed said chicken from a deboned state.]

Dem Bones — also called Dry Bones and Dem Dry Bones — is a well-known spiritual song. The melody was composed by African-American author and songwriter James Weldon Johnson (1871–1938). Both a long and a shortened version of the song are widely known. The lyrics are inspired by Ezekiel 37:1-14, where the Prophet visits the “Valley of Dry Bones”[1] and prophesies that they will one day be resurrected at God’s command, picturing the national resurrection of Israel.

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