What they’re not telling you about the Phoenix VA Medical Center waiting list

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The mainstream liberal news media will never get around to telling you this, but the reason there is such a ridiculously long waiting list for vets that they are even dying for lack of treatment, is that the facilities are overrun from treating illegals.

I heard it from a Texas transplant about 4 years ago. The VA Hospital in San Antonio wouldn’t take him on as a new patient. He said, “I’m a vet??” They just said, “We are at capacity.” As he left he looked around the waiting rooms, nothing but illegals. I can guaran-darn-tee  you that is exactly what is happening in a border state like Arizona.

Jim Roach

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[A latino legal resident was told a variation of this on a recent trip to a Des Moines hospital, “Don’t bring your papers or you’ll have to pay.”]

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