Independent voter? No you’re not …

“People of Iowa: are you really going to sit back and let these Koch brothers buy our government? I would like to think my poor-boy vote counts as much as these rich plutocrats’ vote!” – Independent voter! [Your 2 Cents Worth 5/10]

My gosh but that is asinine, on two levels no less. You are worried about Republican money? But not George Soros throwing in Democrat money? It reminds me of a young communist at an opposition table during an ISU political event. He said, “But the Washington Times is a conservative paper!” I said oh, “And the Washington Post isn’t a liberal one?

Good grief, an actual independent voter sees the hypocrisy on both sides, not just the ‘evil’ conservatives. The other point the “Your 2 Cents Worth” contributor missed, was the rich citizen wanting to “buy” the government is the only one at fault? How about the Congressman who is for sale? Isn’t that the bigger issue? The fat cat corporations can’t buy what ain’t for sale! The corporation can’t raise taxes, start wars or enlarge government. Only Congress can.

Jim Roach

Biker (2) hdfheio



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