Outrages of the week

Obama to ease rules for foreign skilled workers [USA Today 5/7] That’s right, record unemployment and O’Bama wants to import workers. What kind of idiot wouldn’t first want to train American workers for the jobs? Damn that man is ignorant or evil, not sure which. After 40 some years of Dems and Republicans leaving the border wide open and flooding America with millions upon millions of unskilled workers, he now wants to bring in skilled workers. Pound those wages into the ground.
Exploding student loan debt is crushing young people and dragging down our economy [USA Today 5/7] For some reason Americans have never figured that if you can’t do math there is little reason to go to a traditional college, other than say a business or law degree. Your basic liberal arts degree will simply allow you to incur a tremendous amount of debt so you can work at Best Buy. This trap keeps getting promoted by the colleges themselves, so they can continue to employ highly educated liberals with no discernible job skills. It’s a vicious cycle.
Report: Nigeria ignored warning [USA Today 5/11] “The Nigerian government was warned hours in advance that Boko Haram was preparing a raid on Chibok, but failed to prevent the kidnapping of more than 300 school girls  last month, according to a report released by Amnesty International.”
Holder: No one ‘too big to jail’ [USA Today 5/6] “Giant banking institutions may face charges”. Uh huh. There is a long way between facing charges and doing time. As one person said, “Rich people don’t go to jail in America.” They put Martha Stewart in jail, what more do you want?
Supreme Court upholds prayers [USA Today 5/6] Lets face it, no one is worried about “Hollywood” prayers, “Dear Lord, this, that, the other thing, Amen.” No one is worried about Jewish prayers or Muslim prayers, the ones the ACLU wants to stop are the ones that say the name of Jesus.
Newton editor fired for anti-gay comment [Register 5/7] Bob Eschliman learned the hard way not to cross the Pink Mafia. The hard truth is, he can comment on what he thinks about the “Queen James” version of the bible, and they can fire him. But why isn’t the reverse true for wedding photographers and wedding cake makers? A free market is supposedly a series of voluntary transactions.
Polk supervisors approve $125,000 for Honor Flight [Register 5/7] People calling into Mickelson’s show got it, the county has no business being philanthropic with tax dollars. They got it 100 %. Why don’t people understand that the exact same thing applies to the Federal Government?
Jim Roach 
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