So you thought government was just a figurative cesspool?

This is so stupid I’m surprised Iowa isn’t doing it. The State of Illinois since 1983 has been spreading human waste (as in feces) on fields. Residents around the town of Mascoutah are now complaining [Residents complain about fertilizer smell– Register AP 5/12]

Mexico has been doing this for years, which is why we in the U.S regularly suffer through dangerous and deadly outbreaks of disease brought in by vegetables from Mexico that our “authorities” can never seem to track down.

I really didn’t think anyone in the U.S. was stupid enough to fertilize farm fields with human shit, but alas, I was wrong. “State environmental officials say the practice is safe and heavily regulated.” State environmental officials don’t live next to the field. Sarah Townsend does, and says the smell permeates her house.

It reminds me of that idiot Governor Branstad two years ago defending “pink slime” sold as hamburger. He was forever calling it “safe”. Yeah. Ammonia treated bone and grizzle may be safe, but they told us they were selling us hamburger. Not ammonia treated bone and grizzle.

Considering the way farmers have bought off our legislature, even to the point of now where we burn food in our cars, I’m surprised we aren’t doing that bullshit here. I mean human shit. This truly takes the cake. So to speak. You call the people who run the government a bunch of dumbshits, you just never really thought… has it come to this?

Jim Roach

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