“Ernst offers Iowans strong credentials”

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Interesting …. a credible Republican receives the endorsement of the Register editorial board? I have to assume the world ends tomorrow. Two days before: “Survey shows Ernst with large lead”.  A Loras College poll showed Ernst up 12 points over big-money fat cat Mark Jacobs.

Joni has also received the endorsement of Sarah Palin and the NRA. Interesting. I’d like to vote for her in the primary, if nothing else to help insure Jacobs doesn’t get the nod. Funny she should wax him without half the bankroll.

The bad news is, as a Republican you can assume she is worthless on ending Social Security, bringing the troops home, fair trade, stopping illegal immigration, stopping farm subsidies, stopping oil company subsidies, ending the bank bailouts and shrinking the size of government.

As we all know, just looking at the past 100 years, we know Republicans have failed 100% on each and everyone of those issues. Because prior to 1900 there was no income tax, Federal Reserve, gun control laws, social security, drug laws or legalized abortion. The Republicans brought us all those. With a little help from their friends.

Jim Roach

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