“Report: Branstad rakes in donations from appointees”

The 5/22 Register had an article about a Progress Iowa report that showed that 215 political appointees of Branstad just happened to donate $791,277 to his reelection fund. No quid pro quo there.

It reminded me of a year ago when the Register obsessed for months about Branstad’s driver speeding. Really? Speeding? You have major graft and corruption going on in an “appointments for dollars!” scandal, which you don’t even know is going on, and the issue the press decides to focus on is speeding???

Much like in 1996 during the Clinton administration. You have the scandal where the White House is looking at 900 FBI files on Republicans. You have the IRS and FBI told to find dirt on Billy Dale to justify bringing in friends of Bill into the White House travel office. But for me, the real keeper was the State Department’s approval of the sale of ICBM guidance technology from the Loral Corporation to the Chinese. Before that their ICBM’s couldn’t hit the broadside of a barn. Thanks to the Clinton administration, the sale upped their nuclear program 30 years so they are now able to hit the United States. But don’t forget Bill and Madeline Albright’s gift to North Korea of a nuclear power plant that gave them the bomb.

And what was Clinton impeached on? Hanky-panky with an intern. I am not making this up. Sex in the oval office. It wasn’t the misuse of the FBI and IRS to target citizens? Nope. Nuclear technology to sworn enemies? Nope. Bill Clinton was impeached for a dalliance with Monica Lewinsky.

No wonder the Des Moines Register focuses on speeding tickets. All hail the fourth estate.

Jim Roach


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