Interesting election night in Iowa …

Joni Ernst reaps the rewards of showing a little courage and “going for it”. She waxed the competition 3 to 1 in votes, with roughly 1/3 the money. A staggering feat considering that the ‘money’ nearly always wins in politics. And it is very rare that I have ever seen TV ads so dominate a race. Ernst blew her opponents out of the water with 2 television ads.

Jacobs has to be one of the worst candidates in Iowa history, Sam Clovis beat him with zero resources. It was only in the 11th hour that Jacobs finally had the guts to go on talk radio. If you are portraying yourself as a conservative and are too afraid to go on talk radio, it’s going to be a long night for you.

Joni is having a bit of a rough start to her acceptance speech. I’m not sure she is that good on the adlib. Which might explain why she never ventured onto talk radio either. You have to be able to think on the fly. She just made reference to the ‘castration’ commercial. Then repeated herself about how Iowa is “everything” to her. She can surely beat Braley, but it won’t be easy. She’ll have to get past, “And I’ll bring Iowa values to Washington!”

The rest of the House races and Governors race seem rather clichéd and boring. The other thing to note is that there is zero excitement on the Democrat side. Very few contested races, no exciting personalities. It does suggest that the predicted Republican midterm tidal wave in November will take place.

But! The most exciting news of the night is that Chris McDaniel in Mississippi may lay a 1% ass whooping on longtime paperweight Thad Cochrane. I will have my postcard in the mail to Thad tomorrow if it holds up! Dang but I like to see incumbents lose. Way to go Mississippi! [In the morning it looks like a June 24 runoff as McDaniel did not achieve 50 %. Look out. The Establishment Strikes Back!]

[And yes, in state, Story County continues its tradition of having the most inept poll workers resulting in dead last reporting. We shall find out in the morning!]

Jim Roach

Caricature P1140631 (2) crop


U.S. Senator – Rep
Sam Clovis Republican Party 28,434 18.0%
Joni Ernst Republican Party 88,692 56.1%
Mark Jacobs Republican Party 26,582 16.8%
Scott Schaben Republican Party 2,270 1.4%
Matt Whitaker Republican Party 11,909 7.5%
Write-in 144 0.1%
Party Total 158,031

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