Will Ernst play it safe?

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Now that the Republican primary for Senate has been decided, it will be interesting to see if Joni Ernst has the moxie to beat Braley in November. This ‘kid gloves’ treatment she has received up till now from the media is about to change. They have a horse in the race now, and it isn’t her.

The media was fine with whoever won the Republican primary. They didn’t care if Ernst won. The next stage of her race will be totally different. She got where she is by being gutsy, I hope she keeps at it.

When she began she had no name recognition or money, by being willing to step outside the box with her TV ads she separated herself from the pack. In order to beat a well known U.S Representative in Bruce Braley, I have to think that playing it safe won’t work. She is also going to be facing a ton of out of state Democrat money.

A lot of times a football team in the lead near the end of a game will go into the prevent defense to keep the opposition from scoring. I doubt if caution is what is called for here. Beating a well financed Washington insider in a blue state isn’t going to be done by a timid little mouse, I hope she plans on being the fierce maverick a while longer.

She also needs to clean up her presentation in a couple of areas. In her gun shooting ad, gunners immediately noticed a couple of things she did wrong, like with her grip. I’m sure motorcyclists noticed the same thing with her riding. Talk radio people like myself noticed her absence there right away. If she’s going to win this thing, she needs to be firing on all cylinders.

There are experts in all these areas that would love to help her. She should spend a couple of hours with a gun trainer on the range. Go see a cycle instructor. Spend 3 days with Sam Clovis schooling you on the Constitution. Go out to eat with Mickelson and Conway from  WHO, then go on their shows. It looks like you know Jesus, let that out. You need to walk the walk, experts spot phonies a mile away. She just needs a little tweaking in a couple of areas. We sure as heck don’t need Senator Braley.

By the time October rolls around, you need to be able to tell us what you think about God, guns and the Constitution in your sleep.

Jim Roach

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