“EPA wants 16% cut in carbon emissions”

What I will never figure out about the climate change alarmists, is how they figure America can save the world’s atmosphere when China’s carbon output will erase any “savings” we produce? America I would guess has the strictest air quality standards on the planet. Making them even more stringent will do what exactly?

China pollutes like we did 80 years ago. Shouldn’t we wait to improve our standards until they catch up with us?

Another puzzler out of all this, is how can liberals obsess about climate, and ignore water quality? Here in Iowa and North Carolina we let corporate hog farmers get away with murder. We let hog farmers take the waste of 24,000 hogs and spread it on a field. What is the sense in that?

They destroy the quality of life for their direct neighbors, and destroy the water quality of everyone downstream from them. A hog puts out 2 1/2 times the feces and urine of a human. Therefore 24, 000 hogs is roughly equivalent to taking the entire waste output of the city of Ames and putting it onto an open field to run off into streams and rivers. Are you kidding me? Rome 2,000 years ago had better sanitation standards then that.

You don’t put raw sewage on a field, you put raw sewage in a waste treatment facility like we do for cities! Are we insane? This isn’t 60  years ago when farmer Jones might have 20 hogs, 10 cows, and 38 chickens to balance out the grain side of his operations. The modern corporate hog farmer does nothing else. Often times 20,000 or more. They will often split the facilities up at 2,500 each all within a few miles of each other solely to skirt size requirements.

These slob farmers because of their complete incompetence in animal husbandry, have now also created an untreatable swine diarrhea (PEDv). So now along with their inhumane crating practices and the overuse of antibiotics, we now have a new and highly communicable disease that threatens even the few responsible hog farmers.

To aggravate the situation, the fields they are spreading all this manure on, are not even required to have buffer strips next to the rivers and ditches. How it could be worse I don’t know.

And through all this, all the climate change alarmists can do is holler about carbon emissions. Water pollution is real and measurable.

Jim Roach

[Hog facts:  Iowa has 20 million pigs that produce 10 billion gallons of manure a year. More manure than 45 million people. Iowa has 3.09 million people. New confinements with less than 1,250 pigs can build next door to a neighbor. Confinements with less than 2,500 require 400 yards from a neighbor. New facilities larger than 2,500 require application to the State. Fewer than 2,500 require application to the County. Fewer than 1,250 require nothing.]

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