“Fellow top Democrats laud Harkin’s career”

State party banquet is told Iowan has ‘changed America’ [DM Reg 6/21]

Indeed he has, indeed he has. When Harkin was first elected in 1974 the national debt was just $475 billion. The illegal alien count that year was only 1 million and change. NAFTA and the WTO hadn’t drained all the jobs in America yet. Isn’t it great what Harkin has done for America?

Now the national debt is 17 trillion. We have over 11 million illegals. Plus, such a culture of lawless corruption has been helped along by Harkin, we now have unaccompanied alien children coming across the border in droves with impunity. NAFTA, which Harkin voted for, selling out his “union brothers”, hasn’t helped Mexico one tiny bit, but it did help the outpouring of jobs from US shores. And as an added benefit, in the early nineties, Tom’s wife Ruth helped get rid of the last few decent jobs here by running OPIC, shipping jobs overseas in the guise of development (like Bourne’s that left Ames).

Yes sir. He’s bankrupted us. Gotten rid of the jobs. And turned the country over to the hands of foreign nationals and terrorists with a wide open southern border. Instead of a banquet, they should have brought Harkin up on charges. A foreign agent couldn’t have damaged America as much as Harkin.

Jim Roach

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