“Indianola police department applies for excess military rifles”

Hmm… are they planning to have to put down an insurrection in southern Iowa? Simpson students fomenting revolution? There have been other DM Register articles about army MRAP vehicles being picked up by small town Iowa police. I wonder if those donut-eaters can fit down the hatch?

I can see where this military equipment would appeal to the pussies that make up Iowa police. They are so pathologically afraid for their own safety they need every advantage they can find.

I was watching a rerun the other day of the old TV show Adam-12. They were entering a house where a man with a gun was known to be. Without bulletproof vests. Boy, that is a far cry from the modern cop. The classic example was at Columbine when the students were inside getting shot up, there were all those pictures of the cops sitting outside the school for 2 hours in all their gear, as the students died inside. The cops were too afraid to go inside until the shooting stopped.

The same thing happened at an apartment house here in Ames. The cops sat outside for 1 1/2 hours as a woman lay bleeding to death. She had told them over the phone that the gunman had shot himself and was dead, but the Ames police were too scared to enter.

I notice the modern cop likes to Taser and baton unarmed people when they got the numbers, but heaven forbid if they have to stop a violent threat. Too bad the American people are too ignorant to know that the police aren’t supposed to be militarized.

Jim Roach

About Iowa Life

Experiencing life in Iowa.
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