“Conservative group targets Iowa”

Jennifer Jacobs’ article in the Sunday Register paints a dire picture indeed. “Americans for Prosperity” has had the audacity to open up shop here in Iowa. Life as we know it is sure to end as Jacobs paints it.

What sort of evil group is AFP? What dastardly plans do they have for Iowa? They want “low taxes and an unobtrusive government”. The fiends!

The tone of Jacobs’ article is that the Koch brothers have created an unstoppable monolith with AFP. “Democrats have no equivalent” organization? Oh? Has she never heard of George Soros? But forget organizations that tell you what they are doing, what about the Lefts control of groups ingrained in American culture? The Right has FOX News, the Washington Times, National Review and Rush Limbaugh, the Left has virtually every other entity in America.

K-12 education isn’t controlled by the Left? 99 % of the university’s in America aren’t owned by the Left? ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN? Come on! You know they are. Every newspaper in the country, NPR, PBS, every major newsmagazine, all Leftist. Rockefeller, Carnegie, Ford, every foundation in the country handing out billions in grant money operates from the Left. And Jennifer Jacobs can only worry about Americans for Prosperity?

What a ridiculous article. Every waking moment of an Americans existence is a nonstop drumbeat of Leftist propaganda. Every newscast, every newspaper article, every classroom. Virtually every court decision, every emanation from the State Department, every EPA ruling.

Leftist thinking is organic to American life. And Jennifer Jacobs chooses to wet her pants only about Charles and David Koch? Good grief. I can guaran-darn-tee you, Iowa will continue to be a blue State. AFP won’t make a bit of difference.

Jim Roach




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