Grass fed beef


It’s pretty bad when you have to pay $10 for a pound of hamburger. The alternative is to pay $5 a pound for corn fed pink slime that Governor Branstad and the Iowa Cattleman’s Association wants to force on you.

You used to be able to be fairly confident what your hamburger was made of. It would either be the scraps of chuck roast or round roast ground up. Pretty simple, pretty healthy. They would take the chunks left over of meat, good wholesome meat, and grind it into hamburger.

Then they got greedy. The Iowa Cattleman’s Association figured  out how to screw the consumer and feed them the same beef meal they put in dog food. Because what they wanted was ‘filler’ that they would call “lean finely textured beef”. Euphemisms are good when your intent is to deceive.

Meal can be made from any animal. It is when the bone is stripped clean. It isn’t healthy. It is bits of bone, gristle, tendon and cartilage. And a few minute bits of beef in this case, then it is treated with ammonia, to make it “safe”, then they stick it in your hamburger and don’t tell you. That’s what that dumbass Branstad is doing for you. Welcome to corporate ag.

Pet food makers have been doing it for years. They call it bone meal. Branstad wants to treat you like a dog. I sure am glad the idiots of Iowa put that man in office one more time.

What I bought was grass fed hamburger, what a cow was designed to eat, not corn. It wasn’t fed antibiotics, growth hormones and kept in a filthy feed lot. That cow was raised in a pasture. What that slime ball Branstad wants to do is insert pink slime into hamburger and not tell you. Nothing on the label to warn you. Let’s let the market decide if they want this crap in their food, put it on the label. If you are so proud of it, let’s put it side by side on the meat shelf and see which sells.

Jim Roach

From Wikipedia-
Food editor and cookbook author J.M. Hirsh described it as highly mealy with bits and studs of cartilage-like matter,[25] and a USDA microbiologist says the product does contain connective tissue “instead of muscle” and thus it is “not meat” and is “not nutritionally equivalent” to ground beef.[26]



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