If you think Mickelson is bad, his subs are worse

Competition is a good thing. It makes any good or service better, stronger and faster. That is why local radio sucks. Clear Channel owns it all! The only “conservative” talk radio on in the morning is on WHO 1040. That’s what happens when you put the government in charge of radio with the FCC. The big players pay off the right people to make it impossible for new players to get in the game. You end up with a virtual monopoly by a couple of the big players and no competition.

My gosh only in Des Moines with no competition in the talk radio market could you have a host blather on for over an hour debating why in the movie Field of Dreams they used the phrase “have a catch” instead of “play catch” in reference to baseball.

The joker they have on today subbing for Mickelson is blathering on about whether of not Brad Zaun should run as an independent for the 3rd District House race. I can’t tell you the hosts name but I do know his M.O., he thinks “conservatism” is synonymous with Republican politics. Oh give me a break.

Then the regular hosts both local and national get the simplest issues wrong. I notice both Mickelson and Limbaugh have the same blind spot when it comes to “welfare reform”. When I hear them say that I think okay, they’re finally going to talk about the billions we could save if we took the giveaways away from farmers and oil companies. But no, they are always talking about single mom’s with more kids than they can afford. Pennies. Mickelson and Rush are all too ready to take away food stamps from poor people, but God forbid farmers and oil companies should stand on their own two feet.

Plus, this notion  that Republicans are conservative and are going to cure all our ills doesn’t match with the historical record. Since 1900 our government has either been controlled by Democrats or Republicans, lets take a look at what Republicans have either brought us, or been helpless to stop.

Here is what Republicans have brought us. In 1900 we didn’t even HAVE an individual income tax, we do now. AND, it only goes in one direction, up. In 1900 we didn’t have abortion on demand. We do now thanks to a Republican appointed court. In 1900 gun control laws weren’t too restrictive, we didn’t HAVE any gun control laws. They didn’t come along until 1933, thanks to Republicans. The size of government has increased. We have more cabinet positions now as one example. And, the Federal government is the largest employer in the country now. How is that even possible with the Republicans promising us every for years that they are going to “shrink” the size of government?

Republicans have been running on the same issues for my entire lifetime, when have they ever delivered? Never! For over a hundred years they have failed on each and every one of their promises. They are batting .1000. They have a perfect record. The only way they are able to get away with this fraud is with help from “conservative” talk radio. No competition.

Jim Roach




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