“Without borders, there is no nation”

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That gal has a ton of horse sense. How simple is that statement? How true is that statement? You’d never hear that statement come out of Washington DC., the land of obfuscation and deception. But then, elimination of the nation state is the primary  goal of the NWO.

Mrs. Palin seems to be putting the blame solely on Obama, and there I will disagree with her. There are 535 coconspirators in Congress. The culture of corruption nurtured over the decades did not just emanate from the Executive Branch. From Iowa’s perspective, our two main culprits are Senator Charles Grassley and Senator Tom Harkin.

Both of those criminals had their own reasons for wanting an unsecure southern border. Harkin wanted all the undocumented Democrats coming across as new voters. Grassley wanted all the cheap labor for his welfare farmers, because for some reason in his mind, farmers shouldn’t have to pay a living wage. Neither one cared a damn about securing the border. All that talk about “national security” is hogwash with a wide open border.

Now, in 2014, we have this ridiculous situation where the world’s “lone superpower”, can’t/won’t secure its own border. What Mrs. Palin said was true, without borders, there is no nation. That is the most basic threshold of nationhood.

And of course, down the road two years or so when these little darlings do have their deportation hearings, the cry will be, “They’ve been here too long to send them back now. You can’t tear them away from their family! They’ve established a life here.”

All this is kind of ironic as we have a US Marine sitting in a Mexican prison because he took a wrong turn and crossed over into Mexico illegally. One man. We’ve got over 12 million of them.

Jim Roach

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[Harkin and Grassley took an oath to “protect and defend” the United States of America. To get to the point where we have in many different areas, and specifically border security in this case, I would submit that they have unequivocally failed in their duties. Knowingly and willingly. They should be brought up on charges.]

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