We’ve done this before

This absurd situation at the southern border is not the first time the politicians and complicit media have done something stupid. Now we have blood thirsty MS-13 gang members, well versed in torture and murder, coming in amongst the needy. We are repeating the same deadly stupidity of 35 years ago.

Back in the late seventies we had a flood of Cuban refugees. Castro emptied out his prisons and sent them to Miami. The dumbasses in Washington and the press welcomed them with open arms. I doubt if the victims of the subsequent murder and mayhem were so enthusiastic.

The sad fact of the matter is, our “leaders” couldn’t get away with this crap if the people weren’t so mind numbingly stupid and asleep. This is not rocket science. 33 % of the prison population are illegal aliens who committed other crimes. Has been for thirty years. This isn’t people who were thrown in there for border crossing, these are murderers, rapists and thieves. Not everyone crossing is “just here to pick our lettuce and clean our homes”.

The DEA will admit that 90 % of the narcotics on the street in the US came across the southern border. All those ‘anti-drug’ campaigns and programs out of Washington and in  our schools has been a lie. A big fat boldfaced lie. How stupid are you not to have seen that? If anyone was serious about stopping illegal drug use, and 90 % of the drugs come across the Mexican border, you would have to shut that border down. But we haven’t. That border is wide open. So how can you POSSIBLY keep sending politicians like Grassley and Harkin back to Washington time and time again for over 40 years? Those two have been killing your kids. By knowingly letting in the scourge of drugs into this country by purposely keeping that border unsecured, every drug overdose and drug gang death in this country can be blamed on them.

There are consequences to not enforcing the law. Taking care of the basics, the fundamentals. Chickens do come home to rest, and we are seeing it now. The film clips on the news are there, minority women who are mothers in the towns where these illegals are being released are screaming, “Where’s the food for my kids? Where’s the medical care for my kids? Where’s the future for my kids? We have our own problems, why do we want to import more?”

No duh. This problem won’t be solved. “The world’s lone superpower” has no desire to enforce it’s own laws. Think about that, what kind of “superpower” can’t control who comes in? Hell, Mexico controls it’s border. Three months ago ONE US Marine took a wrong turn into Mexico, and has been sitting in their prison ever since. Where the hell is the justice in that? They send us millions upon millions of illegals, and they imprison the one we send them?

Congress has no spine to enforce it’s own laws. The President is a corrupt and lawless bastard. The voters are too stupid to throw the bums out. The only thing we can be thankful for is that Africa and Asia don’t have a land bridge to America.

As with every instance when the average American gets screwed by the establishment, all you have to do is follow the money. One side wants the votes from all  the new undocumented Democrats, and the other side wants cheap labor for it’s welfare farmers.

Jim Roach

Brick Beau (2)

[Anyone who has driven through small town Iowa has seen the signs on the outskirts of a town, ‘This is a DARE community’. Or by the school, ‘This is a Drug Free Zone’. Really? What kind of ignorant s.o.b. would believe that? If 90 % of the drugs come through Mexico, and your government purposely keeps that border unsecure, how can you possibly say your government doesn’t want your kid to die from drugs? They’re spending your money on these programs, but they let the flow of drugs remain unchecked. They must want people addicted to drugs. They must want people to die from drugs.]

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