I blame the DEE Moyne Register

“We need compassion as U.S. tries to stem immigrant tide”. There are so many things wrong with that declaration. Compassion? If the Register gets it’s way and the government forces the taxpayers to pay for this fiasco, at that point it is compulsion. Does the Register really not know that? Are they really that dumb? You can’t be compassionate with someone else’s money, only a thief.

Number two, what do they mean “immigrant”? I never have understood the liberal calling an illegal alien an immigrant. What do you call the actual immigrant then? You know, the guy who did things the right way, waited his turn, wasn’t a burden to the system, was an asset to the community. It is an insult to the immigrant to use that term for an illegal. You see, when you commit a crime to come here, you’re starting off on the wrong foot.

Number three, “stem” what tide? Who’s trying to stem any tides? Our government is giving them lawyers, and welfare, and hearing dates 2 or 3 years down the road. At which time it would be “draconian to send them back now!” No, I don’t see any ‘stemming’ going on.

In the same paper with the editorial by the Register advocating lawlessness, that jackass Dana Milbank from the Washington Post keeps spreading the same lie. He uses a 2008 law signed by George Bush that had to do with protecting minors involved in sex trafficking, and tries to use it as justification for the lawless Obama administration. Their isn’t some “loophole” the invaders are exploiting that forces Obama to accept them. It is for a completely different crime!

In the USA Today section of the paper it reports that McCain and Boehner don’t support Palin’s call for impeachment. I would seriously doubt if McCain and Boehner do support that idea. They should be impeached themselves. They have been totally derelict in their duties to be a check and balance on the Executive Branch. Their job is to see that the laws of the nation are enforced. They haven’t been enforcing our immigration laws for 30 years. Impeaching Obama would highlight their own guilt.

But the real point, and why I blame the Des Moines Register, is because government can’t get into this defunct position, unless the “watchdog” let them. Our founders called the press the ‘fourth estate’. They wanted the press to ride herd on the government. The press was to be the final check and balance should all the other safeguards collapse. So much for protecting us against foreign invasion.

Now, not only have the Legislative and Judicial branches completely forsaken their duties, the check of last resort, the press, has forsaken theirs. What we are left with is an out of control imperial presidency that actively fosters a foreign invasion. Our system has failed. And so have the citizen voters who were supposed to have thrown these bums out.

Jim Roach

Mocha Beau (2) jfjiu

[And perhaps most obscene of all is when you think of all the men over all the years who fought and died to preserve this country, and then to have it given away by craven politicians and a press with an agenda.]


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