“2 officers injured, 3 men jailed in fight”

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I had to stifle a laugh when I read that two cops got beat up Saturday night by three drunk illegals. If area law enforcement did their job, and shipped out illegals, their cops wouldn’t have been beaten up. I was laughing at the irony, not the injuries.

Both the Polk County Sherriff Bill McCarthy and Des Moines Police Chief Judy Bradshaw have turned Des Moines into a sanctuary city for illegals. They are aided and abetted in this by the Des Moines Register, who has been pushing this agenda for decades. It just seems ironic that the two biggest figures in Polk County law enforcement, advocate lawlessness. Actually, they are supposed to enforce the law.

The Des Moines Register with all their classifying of illegals as “undocumented” immigrants, and the notion that criminals are only here to pick our lettuce and clean our houses is bullshit. Over 30 % of the prison population is illegals. 13 people a day in the U.S. die at the hands of illegals.

I personally know a coworker whose car was totaled by an illegal with no insurance, big surprise. There is a woman in Marshalltown who had most of her family wiped out by a drunk illegal in an SUV. There are hundreds more stories in Iowa I don’t even know about, but the people do.

The woman from Marshalltown has been on the radio a number of times to tell her story. The car her family was in got hit by a big SUV driven by a drunk illegal. She was trapped inside her car surrounded by her dead family members, and the man and wife who hit her couldn’t be bothered to offer assistance. When the uninsured illegal got back to work at the packing plant in Marshalltown, he bragged about how he had fooled the cops by having his wife slide over into the driver’s seat. It was his third offense and he might have actually had some punishment thrown at him this time. Now that he had killed instead of just maimed. Yeah, the great Iowa cops had just let him go, he never did have to have insurance. What a country huh? Yeah, you can drive around without insurance, killing and maiming, and the damned Iowa cop won’t do nothing to you! As long as you’re an illegal. Try doing that if you’re a native.

Or that Iowa Air Guard Sargent who got wiped out on his motorcycle by two illegals in a car. They’re still in the country! Ain’t that great? Shoot, we just gave them more welfare and invited their kin to come! Yep, and the Register just keeps telling us we have to keep inviting more poverty and problems into this country, like we don’t have enough of our own.

Yeah, the Register for decades has rolled out the welcome mat for illegals, y’all come! Sex traffickers, gun runners, gang members, murders, rapists, thieves, more the better! Middle eastern terrorists, whoever. The Register wants them all. They don’t have to pay a price, just you. Union busting with cheap labor? Bring ’em in the Register says! Can’t send them home, you’d be xenophobic! Nope, the Register says we got to give them food stamps and a house, free medical care, education for their kids, whatever they want, and the Register doesn’t want to hear you whining about it neither! It’s your duty to pay! I don’t know why, it just is. The Register buys their ink by the barrel, so what they say goes.

I have also stated on this blog over and over and over that a minimum of 80 % of the narcotics in this country come from Mexico. And they ain’t brought in by angels. It just struck me as incredibly ironic that two street cops got beaten up because their boss wants to be politically correct. They might as well beat those two cops up themselves. Along with the Register, Charles Grassley and Tom Harkin, because all those people have brought us to this point.

And another bit of irony, they are talking about how to send 60,000 innocent kids back, when at the same time they let all these illegal immigrants who beat up cops and kill people, and we let them stay. 12 million or so.

Jim Roach

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[Oh sure, ya little whiner, I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking,  “Hell I only make a little more than $7.25 an hour, why do I have to pay for them?” They ship all the manufacturing jobs down to Mexico and elsewhere, and they still come here. Mexicans sure as hell didn’t benefit from all the jobs going down there. WE didn’t benefit. Who the hell did benefit? Its almost like the deck is stacked against you by the establishment. Oh I know, why don’t you check with the Democrat Party. You know, the party of the working man. How’s that working out for you? Sure we take in more legal immigrants than the rest of the world combined, but for some reason it’s our responsibility to take in millions of illegal immigrants each year also. It must be because of all those jobs out there. You know, all those high paying jobs out there. You see them don’t you?]




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