The two branches of government

I can’t help feeling shortchanged. I was guaranteed by the Constitution that there would be three branches of government, but somewhere around 1911 we lost one. You have the Judicial Branch, which writes the laws. Then you have the Executive Branch which declares war, prints money and in general does anything it wants. What more do you need?

I can’t help but feel a little wistful for the good old days. I’m not so sure they ever really existed except in our Founders imaginations. The Legislative Branch was actually supposed to be the dominant branch. Yeah, that’s right, I’m not making that up. They were actually supposed to coin the money, decide how it was to be spent, tell the Judicial branch to sit down and shut up, declare war and make all laws.

And! In case of an incompetent President, impeach the bastard and throw him out. Yeah I know, what’s that guy been smoking. Instead, we have 535 jackasses drawing very large paychecks for absolutely no discernible reason. They could be King of the Hill. They could be large and in charge. Nope. Not a man amongst them. Also not one who can read for comprehension, they display a complete lack of knowledge of the Constitution.

Once you get beyond all that though, you are left with a really depressing situation. Although we were given a nearly perfect form of government, we will never experience it. All Congress is concerned with is where their next campaign contribution is coming from. They have absolutely no concern for the country, their responsibilities or the American people.

Once again though, you can’t get away from one inescapable fact. The American voter is asleep at the switch. The American voter is ultimately responsible for this. The American voter is to blame. It is your fault. The American voter has been so dumbed down that they are utterly incapable of identifying the problem, let alone fixing it. The collapse is inevitable. The only question is what the new country will look like.

Jim Roach

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