Police State? Maybe, maybe not …


The state of the “police state” in America is a bit confused at the moment. A tad schizophrenic if you will. On the one hand police cameras and other cameras spy on your every movement when in an urban environment or state highway. Cop cars are equipped with technology that can identify you by your license plate immediately to their onboard display. They can track you by your cellphone and your GPS equipped late model car.

The NSA records your every email and phone call and website visited. The government has drones in the air recording all activity down below. There is nothing about you that the government doesn’t know. If they choose, they can make your life hell. Or, as today’s USA Today article states, in many states, the cops are too lazy to go outside the county for you. Even if you have killed someone (For well over a million fugitives, freedom starts at the county line).

So even though the technology is available to them to gobble up every lawbreaker in the country, the will isn’t there. In most municipalities the donut-eaters are simply too lazy to go get you. You don’t have to be one of those ‘super criminals’ to elude capture, just go to the next county. Another effective strategy is to not plea bargain. The only thing lazier than a cop is a county prosecutor, they are loath to go to trial. They always want to plea bargain.

On the back page of the same paper was the associated article, 40 State Troopers to help stem Chicago violence. Who would have thought that in a city of 2.72 million people, 40 cops could make a difference? They must be ‘super cops’. Or it could be their strategy. They have developed “surge” teams which will go out and “look” for the bad guys. They will “focus on catching people with known violent criminal histories who are wanted by law enforcement”. Translation: They found 40 guys who would get off their dead ass and do something.

Some years ago their was an article in the local paper trumpeting one of Ames’ finest. It was a half a page article extolling the virtues of some Ames cop. What had this incredible Blue Knight done? He had drove down to Pella and picked up a bad guy (that is at least three counties away). Amazing what you can do if you try. You’d thought the Mafia had been brought to it’s knees by the write up.

The whole thing is rather confusing. On the one hand they are getting enough surplus military equipment and surveillance gear as if they were preparing for WWIII against the citizenry. Then they turn around as USA Today has reported in a series of articles, and refuse to go outside the county or the state to retrieve a killer, rapist or thief. What kind of police state is that???

In perhaps the funniest part of the two page article was this bit towards the end. “Instead, police count on suspects to eventually get tired of the routine inconveniences of being wanted and to turn themselves in.” Come on now, what kind of Orwellian nightmare is that? The donut-eaters wait for you to turn yourself in??? Good grief. I can see it though. The article goes on to say that when you have charges pending on the old computer, you can’t get a drivers license, a job, and forget about a credit card. They wear you down by attrition. When the computer says you can’t “buy or sell”, you’re toast. Unless you can live off the grid.

Law enforcement’s incompetence and corruption does serve another purpose though. The reign of terror in a police state won’t just come from them though. By letting these “well over a million fugitives” continue their crime sprees, the citizen gets it from both ends, from the cop and the crook. They are victimized twice. First by living in a police state, and secondly by the unchecked crime wave. That’s a bit pathetic. You can bet it isn’t by accident. You can also expect to eventually lose your right to own firearms so that you can’t even protect yourself. After all, the goal of a police state isn’t to stop crime, it is to control people.

Jim Roach

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