‘Ugly intolerance’ of religious speech

Matt Whitaker and Jeremiah Dys had a well done piece in the Sunday Register opinion section. They were talking about the firing of Newton editor Bob Eschliman for his Christian beliefs. They point out that the Equal Employment and Opportunity Commission supposedly has protected an employee from being fired for their religious beliefs, until now. Free speech they point out is only an option if it is liberal speech. They conclude that the Register and Rekha Basu are flaming hypocrites.

On the page opposite their article, was a LTE from Peter Stiefel of Victor skewering that jackass Hector Avalos of ISU fame. Avalos, a state employee, has built a career disparaging religion. Well, that’s not entirely true, he doesn’t rundown all religions, only Christians. That is why he has protected free speech. If he tried his crap on Jews and Muslims, he’d find his keister on the curb and be looking for a new job. But, as long as he attacks only Christians, he’ll always have a regular column in Iowa newspapers using his state title.

Which is an interesting point. Eschliman gets canned for blogging on his personal blog on his own time. It had nothing to do with his duties as editor, the paper, nor was it on the clock. Avalos uses his official title as an ISU employee (and likely his ISU office) to practice hate speech  against Christians. Which one gets fired? Which one is celebrated by the Left?

There are many famous quotes from lots of famous people about how the most important speech to protect is that which you disagree with, otherwise your speech might be the next to go. And they are all true. In the meantime, we’ll have double standards and hypocrisy.

Jim Roach

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