Witness: Brown was shot ‘like an animal’

[USA Today 8/14] “He didn’t say freeze, halt or anything like we were committing a crime.  He said, ‘Get the ‘F’ on the sidewalk.'” 

The officer then shoved open the car door, grabbed Brown around the neck and was pulling him through the window, Johnson said.

“The second time he says, ‘I’ll shoot’.  A second later, the gun went off, and he let go.  That’s how we were able to run at the same time.”

Johnson said he ducked behind a car as the officer continued shooting at them, hitting Brown in the back. 

“His (Brown’s) hands immediately went into the air and he turned around to the officer.  My friend started to tell the officer that he was unarmed and that he could stop shooting him.  Before he could get his second sentence out the officer fired several more shots into his head and chest area.”

Johnson added: “It was definitely like being shot like an animal.  I definitely think the officer is guilty of murder.”

So we have the closest witness to the scene saying Brown was shot in the back as he ran from the cop. Forensics will show if the cop shot an unarmed man in the back as he ran from him. In fact, the cop pretty much emptied his magazine into him.

CNN tonight read both the cop version and the witness version of events. They are pretty close except for the cop version leaving out the aggressiveness of pulling in front of the two walking and opening his door into them, and shouting, “Get the ‘F’ on the sidewalk!”

Much like the aggressiveness of the cops behavior during the protests Wednesday night that caused the violence to flare because of their high handed behavior. The Chief of Police needs to resign, he has caused a climate of ‘occupying force’.

I could tell from Rush’s commentary today that he doesn’t get it. I can admit that until this past summer, I didn’t get it either. Then I watched some of the PBS and CNN specials on the civil rights movement from 50 years ago. I could tell from the snarky tone in his voice he can’t empathize with the protesters rage. This is one of the cases where Obama gets it, but most of the white politicians don’t.

Jim Roach



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