Smoking kills


Listening to Rush the last couple of days has been a tad frightening. His take on Ferguson, Missouri has been just as his detractors would imagine. He has pretty much given the okay for open season on jaywalking, pot smoking, cigar thieves. He believes it is fine to wrap up judge, jury and executioner into the uniform of one street cop. The concept of due process seems to have escaped him.

Rush’s world became a lot clearer when the video came out from the Ferguson Market, “Aha! See! He stole that box of cigars and pushed the clerk!” In Rush’s mind that justifies Brown being shot. My problem with this is several. Take for instance Iowa, we don’t even have the death penalty for murder. And Rush thinks it’s okay to execute people for cigar theft? Say you took the cigars out of  the equation, and it was just jaywalking, pot smoking and pushing the store clerk, would the death penalty still be okay?

What if you took out pot smoking and pushing the store clerk, and were left with Michael Brown just having committed jaywalking, would Rush feel the death penalty be justified then? Sean Hannity was a little more sensible, he seemed to show a little rationality. Locally, Mickelson was about as clueless as Rush. You never know with him if his stupidity is genuine or if he is just trying to attract an audience.

I notice all three of them urge the police to “keep order”. None seem to grasp the concept that when an unarmed man walking down the street ends up with 6 bullet holes in him from a cop, “order” has left the building. When the man in uniform, who is entrusted with being the state’s representative to the public of “law and order”, murders a man in cold blood, the friends of that man might take offense.

It is called a “breakdown of societal norms”. The police, being the state’s enforcement wing of what has been declared decent, kills a man without cause, turns the idea on its head, that they can then be trusted to “maintain law and order”. They have now demonstrated that they can’t. Killing an unarmed man takes away your credibility. I can’t explain it any clearer than that. Smoke ’em if you got’em.

Jim Roach


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