Mr. Daniel Pearl

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Before Mr. James Wright Foley was murdered by Islamic savages, there was Daniel Pearl. He was murdered February 1, 2002 in Karachi, Pakistan. He was working as the South Asia bureau chief for The Wall Street Journal. Khalid Sheikh Mohammed has said he is the one who decapitated Mr. Pearl. It is not my intention to omit any of the multitudes who were also killed by these murdering savages, my intent is to show how easy it is to forget. We fail to learn from these brave souls.

I couldn’t have told you Mr. Daniel Pearl’s name if you had  asked me prior to this post. I had just the vague remembrance of a WSJ reporter being killed in a tent. His death ends up meaning nothing since we have learned nothing from it. That is the ultimate disrespect from my point of view. The American public continues to bury their head in the sand. Our officials continue their same lawless behavior. Repeating the same failed strategy they started 35 years ago, and still isn’t working. Over and over and over…

Barbarism is not new to Islam. Thomas Jefferson was President from 1801 to 1809. He had to deal extensively with Islamic savages. They would capture our merchant ships and hold the crews for ransom. Just like they held Mr. Pearl and Mr. Foley for ransom. All the pain, suffering and death that was experienced 210 years ago by American men at the hands of Islam, was for nothing. We learned nothing from them either. Jefferson had sent Marines to the Shores of Tripoli, and we still are today. Can there be a dumber nation on earth?

Part of what contributes to such stupidity I believe, is the lack of reverence for life. I couldn’t watch the video of Mr. Foley’s murder. I did look briefly at a photo midway through. That was all the horror I could take. From that I could piece together a fraction, a miniscule idea of what Mr. Foley went through. I understand there is video of Mr. Pearl’s death. I didn’t watch that either.

I’m not particularly smart, but I do learn. Islam has told me what they are about, and I believe them. I get it. I’m a native Iowan, therefore I grew up incredibly naïve. We are not savvy by nature, such as New Yorkers. We take people at face value and believe the best, even when there is no evidence for doing so.  But there comes a time when that naïveté stops, at least for me.

But for the rest of Iowa and America, it seems that the blinders are still on. All the murdering savages have to do is tell us that they are the Religion of Peace, and we go, “Oh, okay.” And then we send our young men off to die for them, and against them. We continue to make deals with them, and trust them, and act like they are honorable human beings.

Their actions and their book tell us different. Don’t believe what they say, watch what they do. Their book tells them to kill the infidel. Do they do that? Yes they do. Than believe them. Don’t listen to the bullshit they sling about what “jihad really means”. You see, they do something different than their words. I realize this is a pretty advanced concept, but give it a shot anyway. We don’t have to reinvent the wheel, we don’t have to experience for ourselves to find out what Islam is like, look at Europe. They have been there and done that. The “social experiment” has been performed. Look at the results dammit.

Britain, France, Scandinavia, as the percentages of Muslims grew in each country, things changed. Where at first they were sweet as pie, all that changed as their numbers grew. The meek little immigrant that came to their country, is now rioting in the streets demanding Sharia Law. We end up at the point where the scum that murdered Mr. Foley is actually a Brit. A Danish cartoonist had a fatwa (death sentence ) issued against him (while I was researching that, I ran across the Seattle cartoonist who also got one, I had forgotten, it isn’t easy to keep up with these nuts). To an American of average intelligence, that should tell you something. Okay, let me be blunt, sane people don’t want to kill cartoonists. Sociopathic killers do.

That’s another thing I guess I have to explain to our leaders and the public, sociopathic killers are not above lying to you. They might tell you they are the Religion of Peace, but they really aren’t. They are lying to you. They will try to deceive you. I realize that is tough for an Iowan to grasp, but it is true. I don’t want to be drug down by your stupidity. Your failure to be informed, does not make me a nut. It just makes you ill informed. Just keep that in mind, sociopathic killers will lie to you.

Women in Europe have found out about “rape-jihad”. What I read was that Sweden was number one at the moment, Britain number two. That is what the picture below is from. They have found that “Muslim immigrants are grossly overrepresented as rape perpetrators.” Dark wigs are a big seller in Scandinavian countries, there is nothing these Muslims like better than raping a blond woman. They don’t have to die to go to heaven, they’re already there.

Culturally it seems a bad fit to have Arabs overrunning Scandinavian countries. It just seems odd to have desert nomads in the Alps. Are Scandinavians emigrating to the desert? The quid pro quo just isn’t there is it? We have Mosques here, but do they have churches there? No they don’t, do they. We are pressured to accept their religious beliefs, yet they kill us. I realize all these ideas are pretty advanced and you may not be able to assimilate them all at once. But when evil spits in your face, pay attention. Study that evil, fight that evil.

CNN on Friday afternoon was talking about this very subject. About the threat ISIS posed to America. One clear headed analyst said, “They are already here. Of course there are sleeper cells here. We’ve had a wide-open southern border for years.”

Jim Roach


[It is kind of like the video of Mr. Foley being beheaded that the media has taken down. No it isn’t pleasant to look at. But until you do, you really don’t have a good idea of what is being invited into this country. Next I’ll put a few choice quotes from some of the Swedes experiencing this cultural diversity known as rape-jihad, and a few from the Muslims themselves.]

“A group of Swedish teenage girls has designed a belt that requires two hands to remove and which they hope will deter would-be rapists. “It’s like a reverse chastity belt,” one of the creators, 19-year-old Nadja Björk, told AFP, meaning that the wearer is in control, instead of being controlled. Björk and one of her partners now plan to start a business to mass produce the belts and are currently in negotiations with potential partners. “But I’m not doing this for the money,” she said. “I’m really passionate about stopping rape. I think it’s terrible.”

“Some Muslim immigrants admit their bias quite openly. An Islamic Mufti in Copenhagen sparked a political outcry after publicly declaring that women who refuse to wear headscarves are “asking for rape.” Apparently, he’s not the only one thinking this way. “It is not as wrong raping a Swedish girl as raping an Arab girl,” says Hamid.”

The other thing I noticed was the complete lack of coverage by the Des Moines Register of Mr. Foley’s murder that broke on Wednesday. I looked for coverage on Thursday. Then Friday. Then Saturday. Then Sunday. One of the most vicious attacks ever to occur against an American, a journalist no less, and the Des Moines Register is silent.


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