Is Marshalltown the answer?


During a recent streak of bad local talk radio, I commented to a coworker about the dearth of serious issues on the morning WHO show hosted by Jan Mickelson. For three days it had been nothing but inanity. One day was spent talking about the weird things lightning can do when it strikes a house. The next day it was talking about what it says about you with the parking stall you choose in a parking lot. The third day was whether renters were using the label “service dog” as a scam to simply get their pet into an apartment that didn’t allow pets. [The streak continues. The day after dogs was about school kid vaccinations. Today it was (drumroll please) microwave and refrigerator usage in teacher lounges! It is now officially one week of drivel.]

Are you kidding me? We’ve got riots in Missouri, journalists getting beheaded in the Middle East, unaccompanied minors flooding into our desert southwest, an economy that’s tanking, and the radio station with the biggest signal in Iowa is talking about lightning strikes?? Good grief.

So my coworker told me he listens to a Marshalltown station and the host there doesn’t have the bullshit puff & stuff topics like Mickelson. It turns out he was talking about ‘Kilmeade and friends’, a national show that runs from 9 – noon. I think Glenn Beck runs from 8 – 11 in the morning, another national show. So once again we are left with one choice in local talk radio. Nope, Marshalltown isn’t the answer. The search for a decent local morning show continues.

Jim Roach



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