A Labor Day mystery


The intelligentsia recently has had their knickers in a bunch because Walgreens and Burger King have threatened to take their corporate tax dollars and play somewhere else.  So what? Who cares about a couple of thousand headquarter jobs leaving? I sure as hell don’t. Where was the hue and cry the past four decades as government tax policy and EPA regulation and corporate greed pushed millions of manufacturing jobs overseas?

The United States unilaterally disarmed in the trade war 41 years ago. The year was 1973. As I understand it, what remaining tariffs existed on goods were dropped. America was now a “free trade zone”. As Pat Buchanan has since pointed out, China kept their 40 % tariff on our goods coming in, and Japan kept their 20 % on our products. Why did we drop ours to zero? Why did Ruth Harkin head OPIC for years to further push out manufacturers?

When NAFTA was signed into law on December 8, 1993 by Democrat Bill Clinton, American labor was told many lies. One of the biggest was that we didn’t want those boring old manufacturing jobs anymore, we were going to be “high-tech”. We were going to have the jobs of the future! Funny thing though, the trade gap with China just grew and grew and grew. And their skyrocketing wealth was created by manufacturing and selling us clothes, shoes and toys. Gosh, real high-tech.

Another one of the lies Harkin and the rest of the Democrats who brought us NAFTA was that by sending all those manufacturing jobs to Mexico, it would improve their economy to such a degree that they would no longer have the need to come here illegally. They would stay put on their own. Illegal immigration would be a thing of the past. How’d that work out? Not too well, huh. 20 million illegals later… (1 million a year or so).

Then! Every Labor Day the media pays attention to unions for 1 whole day and note the declining union membership in private sector jobs. NEVER do they make the correlation that the reason union membership is down, is because the jobs left! You can’t unionize what ain’t there! Damn they’re ignorant. And never do they cover the crap Walmart does to keep unions out. Sure media, who wouldn’t want to work for $7.25 an hour?

And lastly, we can’t forget the sellout by our unions at the national level.  Blindly going along with the Democrats. Blindly going along with massive illegal immigration. Blindly going along with ridiculously high legal immigration. Blindly allowing the minimum wage to stay the same. And union membership so blessedly ignorant they keep retuning the same union “leaders” to national office.

Jim Roach


“A society of sheep must in time beget a government of wolves.”

— Bertrand de Jouvenel


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