“The world’s lone superpower”


How many times have we heard establishment politicians or media use that term? If we were just counting aircraft carriers and tanks, that is no doubt correct. Were that term to be considered when measuring this country’s sustainability as a nation, it is certainly not true. In reality, the world’s lone superpower can’t defend it’s own borders.

We were defeated by Mexico. Of all the foes we might face, an eternally corrupt narco-state like Mexico is not the one I would have guessed would accomplish it. Latino population continues to soar in the Sunday Register is what reminded me of it. Pat Buchanan essentially predicted this 20 years ago with his book Death of the West. How declining birth rates and immigration patterns would swamp countries originally founded by Europeans.

Included in that he noted was an acknowledgment that we are afraid to celebrate and protect our own culture for fear of offending someone. Instead, we have liberals and neocons bent on making us like other countries, whose only track record is that of failure.

20 years ago Mexico and China made up 80 % of America’s legal immigrants, and they still do today. Mexico’s unrivaled achievement in illegal immigration is what gives them the edge in raw numbers and power. Like Rome, we weren’t defeated by an external enemy, so much as we rotted from within. Without borders and a cultural identity, a nation is not sustainable. Texas became Texas by swamping that section of Mexico with settlers and births. Voila! History repeats itself only on a larger scale. We have lost much more than just Texas.

Think about that, why on earth have 80 % of legal immigrants for over 20 years come from just 2 countries? Where is the diversity and fairness in that? In fact, unknown to most Americans, is that China has just 800,000 foreign residents, and they aren’t even permanent! You can’t even become a “Chinese” citizen. China has no ‘immigrants’. They just have work visas, and less than a million of those. Not ‘per’ year, total. We have over a million a year just with illegals! And over 2 million a year with legal immigrants. So why out of over 200 countries in the world, would the vast majority of our immigrants come from just 2?

Shouldn’t 100 % of immigrants come from all 200 countries? Wouldn’t that work out to only .5 % coming from each country? Point 5 from Mexico, and point 5 from China, and Switzerland, and Bolivia, and England, and so on? Wouldn’t that be more representative of what America needs and wants? Wouldn’t we then truly be the melting pot of the world?

Instead we suffer from 3 cultural tidal waves that are swamping the boat. At least the plus side of being overrun by Mexican’s and Chinese, is it doesn’t seem to be their life’s ambition to lop off our heads. The “world’s lone superpower”? I don’t think so. Unsustainable debt. Unsustainable immigration patterns. Unsustainable job loss. In actuality, losing the land pictured above would not be that cataclysmic anyway. If you take Texas out of the picture, 3/4’s of the land pictured in red above is now owned by the U.S. Government. Returning it to private hands would be a good thing. Given Mexico’s history with land ownership though, it would just be owned by a different government.  The people wouldn’t own it either way.

Jim Roach



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