“Iowa GOP should drop straw Poll”

Event is damaging reputation of Iowa’s caucuses [DM Register 9/16]

Even the premise of the article by James Strohman, political science professor at ISU, is wrong. (It is very scary that he and that other nitwit Steffen Schmidt might have contact with students.) The straw poll is not the caucus! It’s a fundraiser! Get over it! My God, how many times does the Register have to submit us to these idiotic advice columns from liberals to conservatives so “they can win”!  If it isn’t some clown like this, it is their in- house clown  Basu, or an out of town rent-a-clown like Froma Harrop.

My God, who in the sam hell do they think they are to tell Iowa Republicans that they voted wrong? That is in essence what it boils down to. Strohman only wants Lamar Alexander and John McCain lookalikes to receive our vote. Moderates are what we  need in his mind. Fine. That’s your opinion. But Iowans give you theirs every 4 years, and it is unbelievable the gall you have to sit there and tell them they voted wrong. My God you dumb elitist son of a bitch.

Speaking of Lamar Alexander, Tommy Thompson and Tim Pawlenty, he says, “All three had been popular and effective governors who possessed far more experience and electability than people like Robertson, Forbes, Bachmann or Cruz.” Aside from the fact that he is saying the ordinary Iowan should have no vote, he’s flat out wrong. I.E. Presidents Dole, McCain and Romney. Hello!? You can’t get any more milk toast than those 3. They weren’t very “electable”.

“Whether it is evangelical Christians pushing for candidates like Robertson or tea party efforts for Bachmann, the GOP is left looking like a party in disarray with a range of sideshow candidates.” Sideshow candidates?? Are you kidding me? He’s mostly pissed off because the country clubbers don’t get off their fat ass, wade through the crowds, and go vote! If you lazy ass liberals can’t be bothered to vote, don’t blame me.

Even from the standpoint of his position as professor his article is complete ignorance. Flat out, unambiguously and categorically, he operates from a ridiculous position. The great presidents throughout history have not been middle of the road, moderate pussies. The great presidents of history took a stand. Left or right, they made a damn decision and went with it. They did not stand in the middle of the road and get run over. Professor, you failed history.

Jim Roach

aaaa hhf Reading the paper (2)

[My God it is amazing what absolute drivel the Register will print.]


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2 Responses to “Iowa GOP should drop straw Poll”

  1. Endylion Strohman says:

    Lol good for you. The Republican Party got rid of the straw poll after my Democrat father wrote this article and suggested it. But good try.

    • Iowa Life says:

      In the ultimate irony, the establishment hated the straw poll because it gave populists like Trump traction. And the cycle they get rid of it, he becomes president.

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