Religion of Peace recruits killers from Minneapolis

The Twin Cities, Iowa’s neighbor to the north, has become quite the settlement area for desert dwellers practicing Islam, the Religion of Peace. After we have welcomed them into this country, extending to them help with housing, jobs, food stamps, education for their kids, help with learning English, medical care, welfare, and in general doing things the way Americans do, they have decided to repay us.

They are leaving Minnesota to return to Iraq and Syria to murder American soldiers in global jihad. Now I’m no expert, but after coming to America, and being welcomed (stupidly) with open arms, to then turn around and repay us by murdering US soldiers just seems wrong somehow to me. In fact, I’m not sure they are really our friends at all. Maybe we don’t want to put out the ‘welcome mat’ for bloodthirsty lunatics who like to chop off peoples heads. It’s a thought.

Yeah really, you think about it a little and you realize they have taken advantage of many taxpayer dollars from Americans, and to then turn around and prepare to murder Americans, just seems galling somehow. Aside from the idiots in our government who let the slimeballs in, I don’t have much use for the slimeballs themselves. If this is the Religion of Peace, I’d hate to see a warring one.

In fact, I think a little “family reunification” is in order. Over there. Because if this is what the Religion of Peace does, I really don’t think we need their families here either. Anyone who leaves, send their family back with them. Clean a little house. We really don’t need jihadists here, breeding more little jihadis. Contrary to what our government thinks.

I guess what I’d really like to know is what kind of bullshit immigration policy Grassley and Harkin have allowed to have happened the past 40 years they have been in office. I mean really, we allow jihadists in and out of our country? We have no better screening policy than that? Like those Boston Marathon bombers? Who Russian intelligence warned us about? What kind of morons let jihadists into this country? September 10 they intercepted ISIS at our southern border. How many more got through?

And what kind of questions does the media ask? The Des Moines Register lets our Representatives get away with it. Nothing. All they’re worried about is the latest stupid Ernst / Braley TV ad war. Like Ernst or Braley getting elected means a damn thing. Ernst will act just like Grassley, Braley will operate just like Harkin. What a big frickin’ difference that will be.

Jim Roach

[9/22, 7:00 pm, CNN – “Official: FBI tracking Americans back from Syria. American Islamic jihadists received orders to commit lone wolf attacks. Attack Americans in homes, commit beheadings, make Americans feel unsafe.”]

Brick Beau (2)

[Oh sure, just because Australian authorities interrupted an ISIS plot to behead random Australians in Sydney on Thursday, I’m sure none of that is planned here. I’m sure we don’t have bastards like Mohammad Ali Baryalei and Omarjan Azari, who were planning the attacks, in this country.]

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