“54 % of schools miss standards”

The Wednesday article by one MacKenzie Elmer of the Register resonates on so many levels. One, the head of the Iowa Department of Education won’t be fired. The majority of schools can’t effectively teach reading, and the people in charge will continue to draw a paycheck. That’s a bad thing. Literacy rates were better a hundred years ago. Before computers! Huh.

Two, no one ever bothers to ask the question, where does the $20,000 per pupil spending go? Are we getting much of a return on investment? We don’t demand the results we paid for, and we don’t fire them when they don’t produce. Why wouldn’t things improve?

And, once again, private enterprise in the form of Christian, Catholic and homeschools, turn out twice the product at a fourth the cost!

Jim Roach

aa school_house_Color

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