“Man shot by police dies”

aaa d 12_Gauge_Drag_Sabilizaed_Bean_Bag_1024x1024
[Non-lethal 12 gauge beanbag ‘knock down’ round]

Brian Lee Beeler died early Sunday morning after being gunned down by Des Moines police on Wednesday. The obviously mentally ill man refused police orders to drop the knife he had. And what has amazed this blogger for sometime, is that while we were able to put a man on the moon, we aren’t able to non-lethally disarm a man with a knife? Having a knife makes you the most dangerous man on the planet?

The reason this seems important to me, is that a sane person does not advance on cops with guns, when he has only a knife. To have cops scream, “Put down the knife! Put down the knife!”, then both blast away with 13 round .40 S&W’s, just seems like overkill to me. Before this it was St. Louis, before that it was Albuquerque, before that is was hundreds of places.

I don’t like it. Cops are taking the easy way out. All too often nowadays cops simply say, “I feared for my safety”, or, “He went for my gun”, and it becomes a no fault excuse for murder. This is with suspects who didn’t even have a weapon. Like Michael Brown.

In the above case in Des Moines, officers Peter Wilson and Cody Willis tried zero non-lethal techniques before the execution of Beeler. Pictured at the top of this post is a 12 gauge 40 gram ‘beanbag’ round. This shotgun round will put a man down or at least stun him without killing him. Option number 2, Taser. 2 officers responded, 1 could have tried the non-lethal options, the second officer could have been at 45 degrees or so to the suspect, ready to gun him down should the need arise.

Or, a 12 gauge pump holds 7 to 8 rounds, the first two could be non-lethal rounds, the next 6 buckshot rounds. Plenty of overkill for officer safety, yet still giving some chance to keep the mental patient alive.

Instead, it is kill, kill, kill. Like Ferguson. With all the vests and helmets and shin guards and body armor the cops have, they could also don the gear and disarm him physically. They don’t know how to wield a nightstick? These 4 tactical options are from someone completely ignorant in law enforcement, couldn’t the ‘experts’ have come up with these ideas and more?

Or, let’s try tactical option number five. Okay so maybe it would be tough to hit an advancing subject in the legs with a pistol shot (though wouldn’t it be worth a double-tap to try?), couldn’t the first officer deploy the shotgun, wouldn’t that be relatively easy to shoot the legs out from under a suspect? With the spread pattern of a shotgun? The second officer would be standing by for the torso shot with the pistol.

Or, let’s try tactical option number 6. The old second officer approaches the suspect from behind and ‘whacks him over the head’ technique. Why not?

Back in the sixties, when today’s liberal was actually suspicious of government, some cities had citizen review boards that evaluated police brutality. Today for some reason it is this blind acceptance of police killing civilians. A cop in Ames last year murdered an unarmed 19-year-old in a stopped pickup. The Story County Attorney sanctioned it.

The Register in the past 2 months has at least woke up to the militarization of local police. This blog has been reporting on it for at least 2 years. As a Congressman stated the other day, “With all the military gear the police have, how is this different from a ‘standing army’?” Good point sir.

Jim Roach

aa b taser-x26c1
[Non-lethal Taser gun]

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