“Branstad coasts in re-election bid”

The Tuesday Register had an interesting couple of articles. One was on the front page by Jason Noble titled, Branstad coasts in re-election bid. Little more than a month out they have him up 48 % to 34 % over Hatch. Democrats can’t beat him, and no Republican can either. He is like some kind of Republican superman. No one knows what his kryptonite is. Vander Plaats and all other comers bounce off him like mosquitoes hitting a Knight in armor.

What struck me as odd awhile back, was how the mighty Iowa GOP never developed a bench. In the seventy five years since Branstad first took office (actually 1983), they couldn’t develop a “next generation”? Star Trek did, they looked to the future. Evidently the country club’s cupboard was bare in the tall corn State. That says three things. A.)  Iowa voters are really stupid (plenty of evidence to support that). B.) Potential Iowa Republican candidates between 35 – 55 ain’t much. C.) Iowa Democrats between 35 – 55 are even less. Isn’t that pathetic? Steel isn’t exactly sharpening steel in this state.

The other article was on the opinion page by Kathie Obradovich titled, King threatens to end debate. King thinks the Mowrer campaign is saying false things about him (that’s never happened in a political campaign) and is threatening not to debate him Oct. 23 as a result. King never has been a debater. He’d rather hide from his constituents and keep them in the dark, rather than risk not getting reelected. I believe he feels the world would cease it’s rotation if he wasn’t returned to Washington.

The one time I ran into him was at the Straw Poll in Ames a couple of years ago. I figured a politician at the Straw Poll has got to figure people are going to want to meet them, so I walked up to him to shake his hand and say thanks. He awkwardly averted his eyes and turned within a few feet of me and walked away rather than shake my hand! He struck me as a squirrely son of a bitch. That and in past elections he has simply refused to hold a public debate with his opponent strikes me as not only odd, but a disservice to his District. He definitely has “politicians” disease, when they think it is “all about them”, when it should be “all about the people”. Things are such a mess in this country, I can’t see what harm would happen if all 535 were replaced by the first 535 out of the phonebook.

Jim Roach

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