Religion of Peace lops off another head

Video shows possible 4th Islamic State beheading [USA Today 10/4]

Maybe its just me but if the Religion of Peace keeps lopping off heads, I’m going to start thinking they aren’t our friends at all. Right next to that article was another one from Israel, Construction protest in Gaza. Palestinians throwing rocks at an Israeli worker, if you can believe it. I’m not exactly sure how Israel is ever supposed to have peace while living with savages.

In the same paper under the Register’s ‘Midwest Report’, was the article: Minneapolis Somalis fight jihad recruiters. It turns out that Somalis living in the Minneapolis area have been going back home to get their jihad on and kill Americans since at least 2007. Not to worry, the FBI (7 years later) is getting ready to look into it. FBI spokesman Levin said they were going to determine whether “there is a ground game here and who is involved.” Oh, that makes me sleep better.

Treason been going on for 7 years now and they are just now going to look into it? Wouldn’t want them to rush in to anything. Good grief. The FBI infiltrates patriot and militia groups faster than you can say “wiretap”, there are more FBI in those groups than regular members. They got them bugged and wiretapped and surveilled and sewn up tight! But damned if they can get intel on Islamic recruiters in Minneapolis!

My God the FBI and CIA are about worthless. We have enemy combatants loose in the United States and damned if they know who they are. What’s the FBI been doing for 7 years? Oh that’s right, they been spying on Tea Party and patriot groups! My God. Plus, the enemy is making more combatants from teenagers and kids just growing up. Like we don’t have enough of them as enemies overseas. “Several teens or young adults approached by a reporter declined to speak about any experiences with recruiters.”

Those three articles in the same paper seem to present a common theme. It shows a tendency towards extreme violence against Christians and Jews. Despite that they tell us they are “peaceful”, I’m beginning to doubt that, and the wisdom of letting them into this country.

I realize Americans are a little stupid nowadays, so I’ll put it this way. When you’re in Minneapolis, you’re supposed to be able to recruit soldiers for our army, not the enemy’s. If you can recruit enemy soldiers in Minneapolis, you have a disease on your hands. Guess what that disease is called?

Jim Roach

IMG_2354 (2) ujfju

Alan Henning was a British humanitarian aid worker killed by these bastards. Someone who gave aid to their people. These Islamic bastards are not only cowards, they are stupid. But that is something I have noticed over the years with them, they are real brave when they have overwhelming numbers against an unarmed civilian. They tend to be pussies when met with force.

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    “Iowa Blackie”

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    “The Computer, Iowa State University and Jane Smiley”

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