Why is air travel such a hassle?


If you look back at the old movies, people at airports might walk through a gate and then out onto the tarmac, show the stewardess their ticket, and get on the plane. You didn’t take off your shoes. You didn’t walk through a metal detector. You didn’t have to divest yourself of your pocket knife. You didn’t have to be careful not to say the word ‘bomb’ or ‘hijack’ around a TSA agent. Your family could see you off at the gate. You weren’t made to feel like you were being bad to fly on a plane. You didn’t feel like you could be shot at any moment by a government agent. What changed?

What happened to make this simple matter of going from point A to point B in the air such a hassle? What made our military get involved in war after war after war, spending us into oblivion and killing our youth? What nation would want to spend decade after decade after decade, fighting and killing and being killed? Is that any way for a country to spend it’s time? Spending it’s money, accumulating debt at a terrifying rate.

What made us fear anytime a large group of people got together? At a Boston Marathon? Or a football game? Or a subway? Or a skyscraper? When did we get to the point where we feared an unattended backpack? Airports and stadiums back then didn’t have concrete barricades, they didn’t look like fortresses, they didn’t have multitudes of guards bristling with arms. What changed? What made our life hell?

What could it be? Could it be one group of people? Could that one group of people have something in common that makes them “wild asses of men, with their hand always against their brother”? What if this group of people was the cause of these problems? What if your leaders wouldn’t admit it, wouldn’t acknowledge it, wouldn’t deal with it? Would your culture eventually commit cultural suicide rather than tell the truth? Truth is good, right? Rather than go into the ash heap of history by refusing to tell the truth, shouldn’t honesty win out?

What if that group that was making your life hell, had a religion that was founded by a murderous thug? (L. Ron Hubbard said, “If you want to get rich, write a book. If you want to get really rich, invent a religion.” And Scientology was born.) But our thug needed cover whenever his debased tendencies came out. A cover that would also provide divine inspiration. What might that be? Oh! Let’s see, what if Allah (God) were telling you to do these things? And you were the only one who ever heard them! Perfect! And if anyone doubted you, poof! Off with their head! Perfect, because you were taking your orders from God! You could make up anything!

And each time Allah told you something, it was from the archangel Gabriel. Perfect. And only you saw him. No evidence, no proof, just your word. But then, who was going to doubt you, they wanted to keep their head! Let’s see, you’re a bit of a pedophile and you got your eye on that nine-year-old girl, poof! Visit from Gabriel and you got Allah’s okay! Let’s see, you’d like to murder, rape and pillage every opposing culture you ran into, poof! Visit from Gabriel. Like to tax the ones you want to keep around? Visit from Gabriel!

You got the rubes believing it’s all about praying six times a day and working their way to heaven. Hey it works. Promise them 72 virgins! What if you like young boys also? Promise them an unlimited supply of boys. And along the way, all they have to do is help you murder, rape and pillage the infidel! Magic! Hmm… but what if even the most dense start to see through this crap? What if they start to talk bad about Allah? Off with their head! Talk bad about you? Off with their head! What if they want to leave Islam? Death sentence! What a religion! May not be voluntary, but it makes a great enforced religion! Whatever it takes to keep the numbers up, keep the revenue up.

So one of the other key planks of your cult is that anyone who is not one of you, is the enemy! Makes for a target rich environment, and it keeps your followers in unit cohesion. It allows you to always keep them looking outward, focused on what the “infidel” is doing. That way they never stop to see what you are doing. They never stop to see how you and your lieutenants are living high on the hog, while they are living in abject poverty.

Keep them riled with hate, like bullshit superstitions that say their enemy can transform themselves into dogs. Keep the women uneducated. Keep them submissive. Make beating them part of your religion. Keep them covered. Take off their clitoris so sexual pleasure is never theirs. Keep all of them so busy following these rules that only you ever heard, so they don’t have time to question anything. Keep them so busy they won’t question why you’re in a castle, and they are in a tent.

The bottom line is, our government has zero chance of defeating an enemy it can’t identify. Want safe air travel? Don’t let Muslims on planes. Want to end war? Get out of their land. They can’t drink the oil, they have to sell it to you. Want to feel safe again at the Boston Marathon? Don’t let them into your country. Don’t want them recruiting fighters from Minneapolis? Don’t let them into Minnesota.

Oh, what, are you afraid to make them mad? Are you afraid they might want to kill you? Too late! They already do! Might as well be honest. Might as well tell the truth. They sure as hell won’t. You see, if you got to walk on tippy toes around them, for fear of setting them off, maybe you shouldn’t be living around these ticking time bombs. Rational people don’t act that way.

Jim Roach

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