Who is to blame?

Another really asinine article by a political science professor in Sunday’s Register got me to wondering, who might be responsible for the political mess in America? If you have abject failure in a particular field, in this case politics, could it be the people who are supposed to be educating the leaders? This latest article was by Drake’s Dennis Goldford. He was all shook up about the vacuous nature of the Braley / Ernst senate campaign. Goldford bemoaned the triviality of both campaigns, the focus on negative ads, and the empty platitudes of the positive ads.

Goldford called it an “abysmal failure” of the senate campaign, how Iowans were being poorly served. The picture he paints was one of “which one do you vote for, both candidates are so dysfunctional???” Well guess what genius, don’t vote for either one. There is no law that says you have to vote for just Democrats and Republicans. If both those parties are as dysfunctional as you portray, vote for someone else! Duh! How tough is that?

My God, there are 6 candidates on the senate ballot in Iowa. Vote for one of the other 4. If you reward bad behavior, vacuous and vicious campaigns, they’ll keep doing them. Slap them down, put a third party in office, the two major parties will change quicker than you can say “competition”. They insist on voting for the same people who cause the problems, then wonder why things don’t get better! Are you kidding me?

Another idiot political science professor was in the Register 3 weeks ago. His brilliant assertion was that if you don’t vote for a milk toast moderate on the Republican side, you are voting wrong. What??? This genius was from ISU, James Strohman. He demanded that Iowa Republicans only vote for Tim Pawlenty, Chris Cristie, Mitt Romney, Jeb Bush, or some other pointless moderate. Sorry chump, we’ll vote for who we damn well please.

And forget that other idiot political science professor from ISU, Steffen Schmidt, he’s pathetic. He’s the one who in 2010 was calling Iowans who wanted smaller government and less taxes, “tea baggers”. What??? You’re a state employee and you get away with insulting the people who pay your wages? That’s incredible.

The point is, if your country’s political system is like a jet in a screaming nosedive about to slam into the ground at 700 mph, maybe we should look at the educators. If we were turning out generation after generation of bad doctors, we’d look at the medical schools. Well, we are turning out generation after generation of bad political experts, maybe we should look at the schools of political science. Makes sense to me.

We have a country that is bankrupt. It is involved in continuing war practically since Vietnam. It can’t control it’s own border, we are flooded with non-citizens. We ship our jobs overseas. Healthcare was so overpriced they nationalized it. No one can pay for secondary education anymore. Social Security and Medicare have spiraled out of control. Militarized police shoot citizens with impunity. And those who brought us this disaster, Congress, spend unending decades in office! Never threatened with expulsion.

So into this political abyss, the only advice given from the political science experts, is keep voting the same people in. Vote for the people who don’t stand for anything and will keep the status quo. And we will insult the citizens that we are supposed to be educating. And as the decades roll by and things get worse, I think we need to take a hard look at the “experts”.

Jim Roach

aa d b professions-professor-05

“The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter.”

— Sir Winston Churchill
(1874-1965) Prime Minister of the United Kingdom


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